haveigonemad-all-the-best-have said: The original does not have a caption. :)

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  Anonymous said: When will people stop?! This is an ELEANOR BLOG! People just do anything to discredit her. It's so annoying. Give the girl, her supporters and yourself a break! You're wasting your time and leave her alonnnneee(: Love your blog 💕💖.

Thank you. 

I don’t know why people get so hung up on small things like this. It’s ridiculous!! 

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  Anonymous said: Dan, Johannah and "her mades of honor" = have more than just one maid of honor

I don’t even think that is the actual caption from that photo. I haven’t seen the original. 

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  Anonymous said: probably you dont know but all the maids are maid of honor. eleanor isnt the principal or the only one maid of honor. if she was the principal, she had a diferrent dress. btw she was beautiful

That is not true at all! So many maid of honors wear the same dress as all the other bridesmaids 

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  Anonymous said: Which white converses would you choose, the high top ones or the normal ones?

I have both haha but for your first pair I would choose low 

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  Anonymous said: Do you think eleanor is friends with the other boys? I feel like she used to be friends with Liam because of danielle but now they're not as close anymore but I don't really think she's close with any of the other boys? What do you think? :) xz

I think she is I just don’t think she publicizes it 

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  Anonymous said: Where was the facebook link you posted of the wedding pics? And I think it's totally cute that the tables were the names of the kids!

I don’t have the link, sorry! 

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  Anonymous said: Hello El!:) I saw the ask you answered from the anon looking into college courses, and I have also been looking into them! I was looking into Psychology but Sociology seems sooo interesting! I was wondering if you knew the difference between them? Ive tried googling it but nothings helping me! Much love :) xx

Hi! On a basic level psychology is the study of mental functions and behaviors (so how the brain functions, mental disorders, etc). So for example developmental psychology is studying how people perceive, understand, and act in the world as they age. Where as Sociology is the study of society, its developments, cultures, and organization (social interactions) instead of brain function and how that effects the way we behave. 

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  Anonymous said: your theme please ??? hihi

There is a credit tab in the sidebar, it will take you to the maker but idk about the specific layout. Sorry! I got it so long ago x

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  Anonymous said: The Facebook link with the pics from the wedding you posted. It looked like a great affair lots of fun things for everyone. On the table plan you can see that Zayn and Perrie were assigned to sit at the Ernest table. Harry should of been set at the louis table.



i didn’t even notice that


Zayn and Perrie did indeed have seats:


Harry was assigned to the Felicite table with his parents:


I think I see Niall, Paul, Ben, and Lou here:


And I think that’s Eleanor’s name under Louis:


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eleanor calder       

  Anonymous said: Sorry if someone already asked, but how do you know Eleanor was the only maid of honor since louis's sisters and her were wearing the same dress?

No, my b. I should have said I believe she is the only one. There may have been another we just have not seen anything published about it. 

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  Anonymous said: What can I wear with the white mulberry effie satchel?:)


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  Anonymous said: Wait so Eleanor wasn't the only maid of honor?

No she was 

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 Dan, Johannah and her mades of honor
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Eleanor Calder