Anonymous said: does eleanor have a facebook account? not really sure if it's true or not due to that it has a lot of followers...

Nope, her account is still deactivated. 

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  Anonymous said: does emily (nomnomniall) has any photos with eleanor? can you post them please! x

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  Anonymous said: Can you send a link to the FAQ please? Thanks :)

it’s always 

Most faqs are like that as well x

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  Anonymous said: You seem to be in a much happier mood lately el and it's great to see! *dont take this the wrong way* xx

haha thanks! It’s summer!!!!! 

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  Anonymous said: what hair products do you use and you can recommend ? :)

I love Moroccan Oil, it’s the BEST! I have also be using the Beauty Protector protect and oil as well as this one cream product that has avocado in it but I can’t remember the name. 

For shampoo and conditioner I currently use Tresemme Renewal Hair and Scalp and I really really like it. I normally don’t like their products but these are good. 

I also have been loving the Loreal Oleo Therapy Oil infused shampoo&conditioner. 

I don’t use hair masks as much as a should, they are amazing. 

I rarely use heat, I never blow dry my hair, and I don’t rough up my hair with a towel cause that damages it. I also do not brush it wet, I only use a wide tooth comb and I rinse it will cold water before I get out of the shower and I only wash it every other day (I’m working on cutting this down even more). 

I really never brush my hair either haha oops 

I’m doing a blog post on my hair care/tips soon so watch this space


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  Anonymous said: hey el! you have ombre right? (or at least did) did it damage your hair badly, as in noticeably? x

I did have it yes, currently I have a very very slight ombre just from the last time I did it. But my hair gets so light in the summer that it’s basically one color now, I have natural highlights. 

The first time my hair was a bit in shock but no, not too bad. Obviously I had a few more split ends but all in all it was fine. Mostly because I use very good products on my hair, I always have. 

You have to take care of your hair, especially if you dye it or bleach it in anyway. 

Currently my hair is probably the healthiest it has been in a long time and I’ve done an ombre twice and dyed my hair with a colored gloss once in the past year. 

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  Anonymous said: eleanorcaldernews(.)tumblr(.)com/post/69161231530/can-you-post-a-picture-of-her-elephant-tattoo-as-well <---- Hi, can you please tell me when was this picture taken? I haven't seen it before or just maybe don't recognise it because of the zoom. Thank you! :) x

Yes, they are from when she was in NYC with Danielle shopping last summer 

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  Anonymous said: Did she dyed her hair?:) it's a stupid question but i couldn't understand it!xxxx

Yes, it’s similar to her old ombre  

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@eleanorj92​: Thanks @bleachlondon @louteasdale for making my hair nice 😊💁

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  Anonymous said: Are there pictures of Eleanor and Chloe (Harry's and Gemma's friend)? If yes, could you post them? xx


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  Anonymous said: Today Jay said on twitter that Phoebe's instagram was hacked and if there is one it isn't hers. So I don't think the two Phoebe accounts (I have seen two) are real.

True, it’s just weird because the pictures and videos the account posts are personal ones that no one has seen 

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  Anonymous said: Who originally posted the picture of Louis and Eleanor ice skating?

I don’t remember actually, it just kinda appeared on Tumblr 

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