Meeting Eleanor Calder in Toronto (July 9, 2013)

“Okay here’s my story Of meeting Eleanor tonight. So it was Maybe about 10-15 minutes before one direction is going on. And my seats were like right behind that kind of like soundboard thing where Lou Eleanor and Sean were sitting. But they weren’t There yet and was only like the engineer stuff. And I recognize the engineer from Twitter so I was like hi. And he was like hello how are you. I was like really good thank you how are you And he was like a great and then he turned away like to the soundboard thing. And then like walking up the aisle there was a girl and couldn’t see her face and it looks like a big man. And then the girl walks like over and she came inside like the little gate area and then I saw her face and it was Eleanor And I was like oh my God I can’t BELIVE it And She walked over to a box kind of seat and sat down and pulled out her phone And I didn’t want to bother her but I said hi Eleanor And she liked turn to turn left and then turned behind her and she laughed at herself because she did not know I was behind her she thought I was a person like next to her Then she said hiiii And waved Then she asked how I was And I was like so happy and she was like that’s great Then I just asked her like an idiot how’s louis. And she laughed and was all these fantastic thanks And then the engineer Laughed and I cannot understand why but then I got it And I was all oh and then she laughed and was like don’t be embarrassed Then we all kind of laughed Then another guard walked over to the area and Sean Nials friend was with him And he walked over and waved at me And I was like hey s- And he’s all it’s Sean And I was like yeah I kind of new that I didn’t know if it was pronounced scene or Shawn And he was all yeah I get that more than you think I would And all three of us laugh Then lou walked over with this other lady and I don’t know who she was And started talking to Sean and Eleanor and then the light Dimmed and the video started and The boys came online and Eleanor was singing and talking to Sean and Lou during the concert and she was cute and smiley And then at the very and when the lights came back on she and Sean turned around and waved goodbye and I was like oh my god. But yeah Eleanor is really sweet but otherwise they haven’t actually met her and she’s really really pretty in person she was different from the photos. And this is a bitch and relevant but she looks most similar to the day at top shop In real life. Oh yeah and for that Eleanor story I know Nials friend is named “daraugh” But I was using voice and it just put Sean” - Anonymous 

*Disclaimer: The reader can choose to believe or not believe stories. It is up to you.*

*I am slightly confused on the name thing* 

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